Plano Housing Rehabilitation Program

Plano Housing Rehabilitation Program program provides financial assistance for home rehabilitation, subject to availability and program funding. Eligibility for the program is based on income, with the property title required to be in the applicant’s name, current mortgage payment and property taxes up to date, and no delinquency on federal debts.

The program is for primary residences only and for single-family homes located in Plano. Financial asset limits apply, with retirement plans and financial assets subject to limits, and liquid assets cannot exceed $75,000. Applicants must meet all eligibility requirements to qualify for assistance, including US citizenship or permanent legal residency and primary residence occupancy.

The program may have additional requirements beyond eligibility criteria, with restrictions on the types of repairs or renovations covered. Inspections or assessments of the property may also be required before assistance is provided. Financial assistance may be available for home rehabilitation, with the program potentially able to help with mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowners insurance.

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